The ingredients of SWISS VITAL HERBS are as far as possible from certified natural farming, or are produced under controlled conditions, such as the raw Propolis. The rapeseed oil, the lavender flowers are from Switzerland. Tea tree leaves are harvested, air-dried and ground in Australia. The Schisandra fruits also come from controlled natural cultivation and are gently dried in the air. The high potential of these plants is no secret, because after all, some of them are the oldest cultivated plants in the world. In our descriptions you will learn much worth knowing. Modern medicine has just begun to scientifically investigate the entire spectrum of these plants.

Tea Tree Leaves (from sustainable cultivation / Australia)
Strong effect, well tolerated!

The tea tree has devised some very efficient strategies for self-protection. This, especially to give predators as few reasons as possible to infest and consume it. Lancet-shaped leaves, equipped with several oil glands, truly they do not turn out to be delicacies for insects or animals.

Schisandra [Wu Wei Zi] (from natural cultivation / China)
Keeps you young!

From the history is handed down that the berries of the Schisandra calm the heart and the spirit. Interestingly, this coincides with the latest scientific findings. In fact, an extract of this berry calms people, but without tiring them.

Raw Propolis
A wonderful product that nature gives us

The bees produce it in their bodies to protect their "city" (Greek: pólis) from disease.The resinous mass with antibiotic, antifungal and antiviral action ensures in beehives that despite the ideal conditions in a hive no diseases spread.

Safflower Oil
Carthamus Tinctorius from fresh oil mill bottling

The safflower is an ancient medicinal and useful plant and known as a home remedy for all sorts of pains and diseases. Its origin is in Egypt. Today it is grown in larger style in India and South America. Interestingly enough, the knowledge about the effect was widespread earlier.

Tree Resin
In any medieval pharmacy tree resin was missing

The resins of the indigenous trees are ideal for processing highly effective medicines or applications such as ointments and balms. Here, their effect is undisputed. The high proportion of essential oils predestines them for a wide variety of applications.

Beeswax (pharmaceutical grade)
The building material of the bees – a miraculous material

Beeswax consists of more than 300 ingredients. Its original use as a candle has receded into the background. Beeswax is now used in the food industry as an alternative coating agent for sweets. Beeswax is widely used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry.

Further ingredient: Drinking alcohol (60%)

Disclaimer and general note on medical topics:

The modes of action described here are for informational purposes only and serve the purpose of general further education. They are not intended for treatment, diagnosis, prevention of disease. In no case do they replace professional advice from a doctor or pharmacist. The contents of this website should also not be understood as a basis to end other therapies or treatments of a disease. If you have any health problems, please contact the doctor you trust. We assume no liability for any inconvenience or damage resulting from any use of the products described herein. The products presented here are in no way a substitute for any prescribed medication and must not be taken during pregnancy, in children or when breastfeeding. The texts are not entitled to completeness and timeliness. The research was done to the best of my knowledge and belief and represents a balanced information.



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